At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, there will be a kind of melancholy in my heart. Chinese people always want to celebrate the Chinese New Year in a lively way, which makes me feel lonely, because for me, the Chinese New Year means that another period of life has been lost forever, and the most important thing has been unanimously neglected in the hubbub of drinking. I even feel that my old year is like a dead person, and I must be far away from the noise of the world and remember it alone, otherwise it is a blasphemy to the dead. Everything will become a thing of the past, memory is the only wealth that everyone can retain, this wealth belongs only to him, no one can deprive him, he can not transfer to anyone. One person’s memory is always an alien thing to another. However, this does not mean that memory is a reliable asset. On the contrary, it is almost inevitable that it will be deformed and lost, and in the best case, it will grow into something new like a living thing. We can see the turning of the clock and the turning of the calendar, but we can’t see the growth of our life rings. We can’t determine how old we are based on memory or physical sensations. Age is just an abstract number, a calculation we make based on initial hearsay. Zhong Sicheng “Ling Bo Xian”: “At that time, think carefully, think carefully is not at that time.” That’s true. We can’t find the real “time” in our memory, and we can’t use memory to retain the people and things that have passed away. Li Shangyin’s poem: “This feeling can be expected to become a memory, but at that time it was already frustrated.” The fact is that not only at that time, but also later memories are frustrated. People are most likely to feel about life when they are traveling alone,interactive kiosk price, because in the final analysis, life is nothing more than traveling alone. Gathering and parting is a common thing in life, but it is also enough to sigh. The most lamentable thing is that when they are scattered, they are regarded as ordinary, but unexpectedly, when they get together again, they will never see each other again. Or the parting of youth, goodbye has been white,information kiosk price, each other like a mirror, instantly reflecting the merciless passage of time. When the moon is waning, it will be full again; when flowers are withered, they will bloom again. However, when people say goodbye, it is unknown whether they can see each other again. This is one. Open Xie profit and loss, flowers and moon still, several degrees of separation and reunion, but people are old. This is two. The reason why life is the most bitter parting is that parting makes people feel the impermanence of life. On the occasion of parting, there is always a third party present-the unpredictable fate, and from then on there is endless concern. All the way to retire. Have you ever seen it under the forest? It’s still lonely in Pengze County. The reason is that although people admire the noble name under the forest, they can’t bear the loneliness under the forest. Even people who are indifferent to fame may not be able to stand long-term isolation from the world. Therefore, those who are busy in the world are not all those who are keen on fame. He likes to have a high vision of the mountains and forests, but dislikes the noisy streets. So am I. However, I believe that there are many people in the world who live in cities all their lives and never feel noisy, but there is no intellectual who lives in the mountains all his life and never feels lonely. Boredom: lack of purpose and meaning. Boring nature: Inability to set a purpose for oneself, interactive whiteboard prices ,touch screen digital signage, to create a meaning. A dull moment of great nature: a sudden insight into the meaning of what one has created. If recreation doesn’t relieve your boredom, you’re a little deep. Starting from scratch and unfinished There seem to be two big taboos in life. First, they have to rebuild their lives or careers from scratch because of sudden changes. The second is to die in the prime of life, leaving behind unfinished life or career, and die with hatred. However, think carefully, the size of the accident, who can completely avoid? There is a length of life, how many people can be said to die? Therefore, starting from scratch and unfinished is the norm of life. Therefore, people should have two consciousnesses: one is to have the courage to start from scratch, and the other is to be calm in the unfinished. Starting from scratch is a common situation in life. The earthquake, the war, the destruction of the country, the narrow escape from death, and the failure of the cause. As small as being widowed, lovelorn, financially bankrupt, having their money stolen, and being penniless. All of these will give you a sense of ruin to varying degrees. At this time, the healthiest state of mind is to forget everything you have ever had, forget the losses you have suffered, as if you had just come into this world naked, you say to yourself: “Well, let me start from scratch!” Instead of sitting on the ruins and crying, you pat your ass, walk forward, come to a vacant lot and start rebuilding.
You don’t even rebuild what is lost, because then you still think about your loss, and you still leave your heart on the ruins. No, you are moving forward with your heart, you are bankrupt but still an entrepreneur, you are lovelorn but still a lover for the first time, and you really regard the place where you stand alone as the starting point of your life. Maybe this is close to some kind of Zen. I must admit that I can’t reach this level myself. If a person wants to achieve this state of being unattached, the superior must be enlightened, the inferior must be heartless, and I can’t reach both ends. A calamity has just occurred, such as the death of one of your dearest relatives, the loss of almost all your possessions by fire or theft, and so on, and you will have a strange feeling of lightness, as if you had returned to the original state of being naked between heaven and earth. Sometimes, expertise = habit = inertia. The power of habit is great. A person may be fascinated by anything he is used to doing, even if it is boring and meaningless. Therefore, we should always consciously jump out and look at what we do and think about whether they really have some meaning. He was assigned a suite of rooms and immediately devoted himself to decoration with great interest. A roll of wallpaper was missing, so I asked someone to buy it, but the excitement was gone, so the unpasted corner of the wall was exposed forever. Most of the things in the world are never finished, and in the unfinished, life goes on normally. As the saying goes,face recognition identification kiosk, nothing is nothing, and unfinished is the normal state of life. Taste of Life (2) A writer dies at the peak of his creative life. People sighed: “He could have done a lot of things …” However, it is almost inevitable that you will die before you finish what you want to do. Don’t expect to get things done. There is always something you love to do. You should be satisfied if you are always doing something you love to do. Sketch of the world.

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